Australia’s first Affordable Living Strategy
  • Friday 06 August 2010

Council has taken a step towards creating a future where living on the Coast will be more affordable for everyone by adopting the Australian first Sunshine Coast Affordable Living Strategy.

This strategy identifies the actions needed to make the Coast a more affordable, inclusive and sustainable place to live, and will inform the new Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme.

Social Strategy Portfolio holder and Housing Affordability Taskforce Chair Councillor Anna Grosskreutz said that the Affordable Living Strategy proposes a pathway to a sustainable and equitable future on the Sunshine Coast.

“Affordable living is a major issue facing the Coast and it’s about more than just the financial cost of living and housing prices,” Cr Grosskreutz said.

“It incorporates the way we live, the size and type of housing we choose, the resources we use, how we move around, our relationship with the environment and the way our neighbourhoods evolve and function.”

Cr Grosskreutz said the strategy provides clear direction by combining innovative ideas with strong partnerships between council, the community and business—and builds on council’s vision to become the most sustainable region.

“The strategy looks at much more than just affordable housing, it highlights the need to create self-contained neighbourhoods, and for all households to consider their living footprint” Cr Grosskreutz said.

“To achieve this, it identifies a holistic approach by providing a diverse range of sustainable housing choices to suit all income levels, local employment opportunities, a range of transport options, great local places and spaces, a minimal environmental footprint and shared prosperity.

“However, it’s just the beginning—the strategy sets the framework to help make a change in the way we live and a shift in our attitude from needing big houses with high energy consumption to a new approach with best energy use and good transport options.

“The strength of delivering these outcomes and making a change will rely on efficient planning and on industry, government and the community working closely together.

“Already, thanks to those strong partnerships, $14 million dollars of Housing Affordability Funds has been attracted to the Coast and more than $20M in stimulus funding.

“This document can also be applied to the greenfield areas here on the Coast and right across Queensland to create different lifestyle opportunities and a choice of dwellings for people to live in.

“I would like to acknowledge and thank the contribution of the community and the commitment, passion and hard work of the Housing Affordability Taskforce and council officers during the development of the Affordable Living Strategy.

“Together, we can change the old patterns of Sunshine Coast and create a region where people can afford to live and enjoy.”

The Affordable Living Discussion paper was released for public feedback during the Our place Our future planning program in late 2009. In finalising the strategy, council addressed the issues raised during the consultation and used the feedback to improve the final strategy.

The Affordable Living Strategy is part of council's ongoing Our place, Our future campaign which aims to develop a strategic approach to planning the future of the Sunshine Coast region in partnership with the community.

The strategy was adopted at the Ordinary Meeting of Council on Wednesday 4 August 2010.