Beach building begins, on time and on budget
  • Thursday 22 July 2010

The first grains of sand started spilling onto Mooloolaba Spit yesterday from a new pipeline that will deliver around 10,000 cubic meters of sand onto the beach over the next two months.

The $900,000 project is a joint initiative between Sunshine Coast Council and the Queensland Government and will give Mooloolaba a fighting chance against erosion as well as providing safe navigation for marine vessels entering and exiting the harbour.

Cr Chris Thompson said that this project has been delivered on time and on budget and is our best chance at restoring Mooloolaba Beach.

"A dredge located in the Mooloola River has attached to the new pipeline and will redistribute sand from outside the river entrance onto Mooloolaba Beach during July and August each year if required," Cr Thompson said.

"A build up of sand usually occurs each year in the channel; unfortunately when we experience storms and king tides this sand is swept out to sea.

"What this project means is that we can capture that sand and make sure it ends up on our beaches.

"Council has made provision in the budget for the dredge to return each winter. We will assess each year if we need it and if there is an available sand supply in the channel.

"It might be that our beaches are in great condition next year and don’t need more sand.

"The Queensland Government is working with council to deliver the dredging element of these defences and this is a great example of a win win partnership that benefits everyone.

"Where council’s primary concern is re-nourishing the beach, the Queensland Government, through Transport and Main Roads and the Port of Brisbane, is focused on providing navigable access for marine vessels entering and exiting the harbour."

Transport Minister Rachel Nolan said the State Government was committed to maintaining navigable access to Queensland’s high use waterways for recreational boating.

"The Queensland Government has contributed a total of $370,000 for this project," Ms Nolan said.

"As well as providing sand for Mooloolaba Beach, the project provides an important opportunity to help combat shoaling that occurs in the Mooloolah River entrance channel from time to time.

"Boaties will have more reliable access to the harbour thanks to this great pipeline dredging initiative.

"This project is a great example of how government agencies have worked together to deliver an outstanding result for the community," Ms Nolan said.