Beaches likely to cop a battering
  • Tuesday 18 January 2011

King Tides will hit the Sunshine Coast today and will continue pounding the beaches until Sunday.

These king tides, combined with a large swell and a La NiƱa effect will culminate in a Highest Astronomical Tide of 2.09 metres on Friday.

Sunshine Coast Council will monitor the beaches during this period for loss of sand and scarping (steep drop offs).

Most Coast beaches have stood up well to the recent wet weather, however as the King Tides will only hit today, council will re-assess the situation on Monday.

Beaches currently affected by erosion are:
Maroochydore - loss of sand, which is usual for this time of year
Currimundi, in front of Watson Street—currently there is a 2-3 metre scarp

The following beach accesses are currently closed:

  • Maroochy – M75A
  • Maroochy - M79A
  • Maroochy - M86B
  • Maroochy - M90D