Bin collections for flood affected communities
  • Tuesday 18 January 2011

Sunshine Coast Council is advising residents in areas where access has been affected by flood, to leave their bin out on the kerb until it is emptied.

Refuse trucks have been unable to gain access to some flood or road damaged areas, however each of the three waste contractors are gradually catching up on the backlog and in most cases, services should return to normal shortly.

Graeme Emerson, Acting manager of Waste and Resources Management said that contractors are doing their best to catch up on missed services.

“While we catch up, collections could occur on any day of the week, so we’re advising people to leave their bins out on the kerb until they are emptied,” Mr Emmerson said.

“In some instances, there are roads that require safety inspections and possible repair work prior to them being reopened to refuse trucks.

“Areas we know are affected are Cooran, Pomona, Conondale and Kenilworth and some areas in the southern hinterland.

“If anyone is experiencing issues because of the collection delay, they should contact the regional waste collection manager on 0419 740 963.”