Brennan turns the sod for fibre optic cable in Cooroy
  • Thursday 29 May 2008

High speed, low cost broadband is fast becoming a reality for the Sunshine Coast region when Division 12 Cr Lew Brennan and project partners, Allegro Networks and Mach Technology, turn the sod for the laying of fibre optic cable in Cooroy on Monday.

“It’s going to deliver an enormous benefit to the region. It’s a great outcome that’s been in the making between Council and its partners for a couple of years, following a recent history of around six years ago when Cooroy was on its knees as a community – the sawmills had closed down. The hospital had closed down. The brickworks were downsized.

“Now we’re going to turn the sod on the digging of the trench, the laying of the cable, and the construction of the data centre. It’s now time to get on with the job of delivering this asset to the township,” said Cr Brennan.

The project comprises three elements – connection to the fibre optic cable running along the Queensland Rail line, and laying of cable through Cooroy; high speed-business grade WiMAX wireless throughout Cooroy and the northern area of the region, provided by Allegro Networks; and construction of the data centre by Council, to be operated by Mach Technology. The project is the result of grant funding through the Federal Government's Clever Networks program.