Bring on the buskers
  • Wednesday 01 April 2009

The Sunshine Coast Council is about to find out what happens when you put more than 20 buskers, street performers and creative personalities together in one room.

Council is bringing the entertainers together to help plan the future of busking on the Sunshine Coast and to recognise the value they bring to the region.

Community Policy and Programs portfolio holder Jenny McKay said the event follows on from council’s endorsement of a new busking program in September last year.

“Last September’s decision was to streamline the application for buskers and develop clear guidelines for busking locations,” Councillor McKay said.

“The program will build on the positive feeling buskers create at the Coast’s outdoor entertainment events and venues.

“Buskers and street performers also bring social, economic and cultural benefits to the region by creating a lively, festival atmosphere at markets and events.

“This event on Wednesday evening has been organised so they can share their busking experience, and be involved in developing and contributing to council’s new busking program.

“We are looking forward to some very innovative ideas as it will be the first time they’ve been all together, and with that many creative personalities in one place, it could be quite an entertaining evening.”

Council covers 50 uninsured buskers who have busking permits but buskers who have their own public liability cover are welcome to apply for a permit through council.

Permits are up for renewal from June 2009. There are 25 identified busking locations on the coast.