Buderim community take the Safe approach
  • Wednesday 10 September 2008

First planning day for Buderim Safe Committee

Tomorrow Councillor Hungerford and Councillor Dickson will attend the first planning day of the Buderim Safe Committee at the Buderim War Memorial Hall at 9am.

Back in June a safety questionnaire was distributed throughout the community, the feedback from this will be used as a structure to the planning day.

Council will facilitate the day but this is an opportunity for the community to be involved in identifying safety issues and the possible solutions to them.

Councillor Hungerford says this is a positive partnership and the benefits so far are being well received in the community.

“Public safety is a whole community issue. It involves everyone, the community, local council and police working together to create safer places to live and work.” Cr Hungerford said.

“Buderim Safe is one of five successful committees that council has helped to initiate, including Nambour Safe, Coolum Safe and CALM Mooloolaba,”

“The Safe Committees are a partnership between the local community, council and Queensland Police (QPS),” Cr Hungerford said.

Since the formation of the Buderim Safe Committee in February 2007, numerous safety projects and programs have been implemented by the group. Councillor Dickson believes that the Safe Committees are a positive program for everyone on the Sunshine Coast.

“Being proactive with community safety is the only way forward for any community,” Cr Dickson said.

“Council will continue to play a lead role in community safety and the Safe Committees are just one aspect of the overall community safety program for the region.”

“Bringing it down to this level allows council and QPS to understand the issues that are specific to the smaller communities.”

“Already Buderim Safe has implemented numerous programs that address safety issues specific to the Buderim area, including the Active School Travel Program, Buderim Safe Business Safety Flyers and Project Secure Park.” Cr Dickson said.

Tomorrow will be a day of work-shopping the feedback from the questionnaire, with key representatives from council, QPS, Buderim Safe Committee and Buderim residents.