Buderim man fined $7,000 after his dogs maul two family pets
  • Friday 20 February 2015

Sunshine Coast Council’s tough stance on irresponsible dog owners was supported today with another person fined in Nambour Magistrates Court.

Buderim resident Mr Kade Fenwick was fined $7,000 and ordered to pay court and professional costs of $2,694 after his three American Staffordshire Bullterriers attacked and killed a dog and a cat in August 2014.

He was also charged with failing to take reasonable steps to prevent his dogs attacking a person and from causing fear to another person.

Magistrate Madsen noted Mr Fenwick’s remorse but was concerned about the impact of the dogs’ rampage on the victims.

He described the incidents as distressing and the dogs as displaying "savagery", with "tragic" consequences and that this should act as a deterrent.

Director Community Services Coralie Nichols said council had made its zero tolerance stance against irresponsible dog owners clear and would continue to hold this position on behalf of the community.

“The defendant was well aware the dogs had the propensity to show aggressive behaviour,” Ms Nichols said.

“He was also aware of the dogs’ agility, particularly one of the dogs which he described as being like Houdini, and that the fence, despite improvements, was still not adequate to contain them at the time these attacks occurred.

“Unfortunately, people and animals in the community suffered the terrible consequences when these dogs were not properly controlled on this occasion.

“As well as attacking and killing a much-loved nine month old Pomeranian-Cross, the dogs also attacked the owner of the dog, mauled and killed a cat and showed aggression and caused fear to a witness trying to intervene.”

Ms Nichols said this type of behaviour was unacceptable in our neighbourhoods and that dog owners must realise what their responsibilities and obligations are – all dogs must be kept under full control at all times and properly contained when on their property.

“Council will take every option available to us to prosecute and penalise to the full extent of the law,” she said.

Another case involving a dog causing injury to another dog in Maroochydore in November 2014, was held earlier this month at Nambour Magistrate Court.  The dog owner was fined a total of $1,423.60 for the charges and court fees.
If you see a dog behaving aggressively, contact Sunshine Coast Council on 5475 7272 to report the incident.
• Council Fines – Roaming, Dog off-leash in on leash area - $227
• Dog attack fines (maximum) issued by the court:

  •  Attack causing bodily harm to person or animal - $5692
  •  Attack causing death or grievous bodily harm to an animal - $11,385
  •  Attack causing death or grievous bodily harm to a person - $34,155.