Budget should deliver for the future
  • Tuesday 14 May 2013

Mayor Mark Jamieson has called for tomorrow’s budget to look to the long-term; quality infrastructure, smarter government spending and saving, and closer links to China.

“This may be an election year but it’s not the time for an election budget – it should be about investing in the future of this country, not buying votes in September,” he said.

“Sometimes the best thing a government can do is get out of the way and let the private sector create jobs and opportunities.”

Among the things the Mayor would like to see:

  • Guaranteed funding for the upgrade of the Bruce Highway between Caloundra Road and the Sunshine Motorway, and a plan and timetable for the Caboolture to Caloundra stretch of the highway
  • Real cuts to government expenditure to reflect the state of the budget books
  • Reduction in red tape to help improve the nation’s productivity
  • Greater incentives for the private sector to invest to reduce the reliance on the government as the solution to every problem
  • Closer relations with China, with a particular focus on education and tourism

The Sunshine Coast Council has tried to do all these things in its own way, including:

  • The creation of Sunshine Coast First to lobby for a fairer go for this region. Among the top priorities is funding for the upgrade of the Bruce Highway
  • Undertaking a rigorous organisational review to identify ways to cut costs and improve services
  • A raft of initiatives to encourage investment in this council’s first budget
  • Introduction of the Build and Benefit Incentive Scheme
  • A mission to China which is expected to deliver economic and cultural benefits