Caloundra Library turns over new leaf
  • Wednesday 08 October 2008

The popular Caloundra Library – which draws 1500 visitors daily – is about to undergo a make-over that will give the community even more choice of books and Internet access.

To allow the safe installation of carpets and new shelving, the library will close its doors to the public for two days on:

  • Monday 3rd November
  • Tuesday 4th November

Caloundra Library Manager Louise Bauer said the renovation would reclaim more space at the back of the library, formerly used by staff, to provide a comfortable new area for older residents. It will house large print books, audio books, jigsaws and an enhanced genealogy collection, with new sofas to help visitors browse in comfort.

In addition, more internet computers will be installed to keep pace with the growing demand for internet access at the library.

“The Caloundra Library is extremely popular - it averages about 1500 visitors daily - so we’re looking forward to making it an even better community hub and meeting place,” Ms Bauer said.

In order to minimise disruption to library users, the mobile library from Maroochydore will be parked in Omrah Avenue just outside the Caloundra Library from 9am to 5pm on Monday 3rd November.

All Caloundra Library members will have access to the mobile library’s substantial collection, which comprises a huge semi-trailer full of books, audio and video discs and the magazines familiar to regular library users.

Ms Bauer said the library computer system would be configured to ensure that no overdue notices were generated for item returns on the days the library will be closed.

The library will re-open on Wednesday 5th November, 2008, from 9am.