Car park upgrade completed in time for Christmas
  • Monday 13 December 2010

The car park construction area, between Noosa's Lanyana Way and the Noosa Transit Centre, is expected to re-open tomorrow (Tuesday 14 December), weather permitting.

The opening will be just in time for the Christmas holiday season.

Noosa Junction Town Centre Project Manager, John Waterhouse, praised the shop owners for their patience and thanked workers for their timely efforts considering the recent inclement weather.

"The retailers asked us to have the work completed two weeks before Christmas - and we have achieved that," Mr Waterhouse said.

Andre Grossen, owner of Noosa Junction Seafood Markets, said the new parking layout will be welcomed by local businesses, residents and tourists.

"This now has every chance of being a very busy area in time for Christmas and the summer holidays," Mr Grossen said.

"The long-term parking has been strategically moved further away allowing customers to have pole position while the design also uses the capacity better - a definite advantage for local businesses."

Mr Grossen said the businesses which flanked the car park would attract "pop-in" shoppers while the two-hour time limit would ensure more shoppers could access the services.

"The construction workers have done a really good job," Mr Grossen said. With work still being finished on the surrounding gardens, locals would also be happy to know they will be progressively restored to their former splendour, he said.

The Transit Centre's completion is still on track for early next year.

Meanwhile, in further good news, council's Place Making Coordinator Jamie Franklin said council had committed to maintaining Sunshine Beach Road's four traffic lanes.

"Following discussions with stakeholders and the divisional councillor, Russell Green, it was agreed to retain four lanes at the previously suggested pinch point at Arcadia Street," Mr Franklin said.

Visit Council's website for more details on the updated plans.