Chancellor Park Lakes ready for a revamp
  • Saturday 25 April 2009

Council started work on the Chancellor Park Lakes 7 and 8 retrofit today, trapping and relocating turtles before the lakes are drained on Monday 27 April.

A relocation expert is currently on site, moving aquatic fauna to lakes further down the system.

Cr Dickson said that he is pleased the work is starting and that council and the community had been working together on the improvement plan for Lakes 7 and 8.

“The improvement plan provides a long term solution that will benefit the whole lakes system,” Cr Dickson said.

“We have initially focused on Lakes 7 and 8 as these are the oldest and most problematic, Lake 8 was constructed in 1993. Like any other asset, man-made lakes have a lifespan and these are ready for some work.

“The current size of the lakes means that water stays in the system for too long and there is a lot of sediment and nutrient stored in the lakes, which can cause problems.

“The lakes themselves, and the sediment on the lake-bottom, have been thoroughly tested and they are not contaminated or toxic,” Cr Dickson said.

Once the lakes are drained, excavators will move in to remove sediment and reshape the lakebed. The project involves the construction of three bioretention basins, an improved sediment pond a reduction in lake volume and lake-edge wetland plantings to improve water quality and lake condition.

The civil construction phase will take approximately seven months, with subsequent landscaping taking two months, weather depending. Establishment of the wetland and edge plants may take up to two years.

A project page is available on council’s website for anyone wanting further information on the lakes.