Changed unit development plans for Palmwoods
  • Thursday 03 October 2013

A new development application for a supermarket and housing units along Main St in Palmwoods has been lodged with Sunshine Coast Council.

Division 5 Councillor Jenny McKay said the new development application is a revised plan with a better design outcome for both the proposed supermarket and housing unit sites.

“The development application brings the original plans for both sites into one new overall plan and that’s provided the developer with more design flexibility,” Cr McKay said.

“The developer already has approved development plans for both sites but due to the level of community interest and valuable feedback received on the original plans, the developer has lodged a new and, I’m confident to say, improved plans for the area.

“The new design has come about as a result of the applicant and council working in partnership to address the issues raised by the community and I’m very pleased that the applicant went back to the drawing board to develop a better plan for this significant location in the heart of town.

“Some of the key improvements include:

  • The plans for the supermarket now includes shops that face onto the street instead of into the shopping complex
  • The proposed number of residential units is reduced from 30 to 20
  • There is now a 2 storey limit instead of a 3 storey limit for the blocks of units
  • Units will be clustered in three groups across both parcels of land
  • The Old Station Masters residence will be moved to the corner to connect with the existing shops along Main St. It is proposed that the Station Master residence will  be used as a cafĂ© 
  • Overall the development better reflects the look and feel of the town
  • Hill St will remain predominantly residential
  • The main access to the shopping centre will be from Church St
  • Walking access will be available from Little Main St to the shops.

“I’d really like to thank the people of Palmwoods for their interest in the project – we all want the best for the long-term future of this dynamic town and the new plan is a good reflection of how the community wants to see Palmwoods grow and flourish.

“The applicant has committed to starting works as soon as possible if the application is approved by council – that means we could potentially see construction start early in the new year.”