Charter for Sunshine Coast places
  • Saturday 20 October 2012

Sunshine Coast Council adopted a Charter for Sunshine Coast Places produced by council’s Urban Design Advisory Panel at council's Ordinary Meeting.

Regional Planning Portfolio Councillor Russell Green said the charter will be used as a valuable guide for council when making policy decisions about the design and development of urban and rural places.

"The purpose of urban design is to protect unique qualities of place while creating new features and characteristics," Councillor Green said.

"Council will use the charter to facilitate good design in areas such as master planning, design of parks and gardens and town planning.

"Council’s Urban Design Advisory Panel developed principles for the charter that take into account the unique characteristics of the Sunshine Coast.

"The Panel identified principles that factor in Coast specific values such as maintenance of the dominant presence of the natural coastal environment and preservation of our agricultural and seafood industries while maintaining the significant visual amenity that they provide.

"Each Sunshine Coast urban area needs an individual approach and that emphasis is the basis of the charter.

"All the principles are entirely relevant to the Sunshine Coast and can also be read in conjunction with National and State policy and guidelines."

The Urban Design Advisory Panel is made up of independent development industry experts who provide specialist advice to council on a range of council projects and policies.