Chris the koala dies following dog attack
  • Friday 03 June 2016

Sunshine Coast Council is doing all it can to help enhance and protect the endangered local Koala population, but it’s not enough – we need your help.

Environment Portfolio Councillor Jenny McKay said council is pleading with dog owners to ensure their pets are not harming wildlife following the death of a koala this week.

“Sadly, results from an autopsy indicates a young male koala council had been tracking was attacked and killed by what we believe to be a domestic dog,” Cr McKay said.

“We first came upon the koala named Chris around 18 months ago when his mother was hit by a car and he was taken to Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital.

“After more than a year of dedicated care, a young healthy Chris was released back to the wild in January to start his new life as a young adult.

“Chris was fitted with a tracking device as part of the implementation of the Koala Conservation Plan, aimed at protecting the vulnerable local koala population through a greater understanding of their habitat requirements and threats to their conservation.

“Having closely studied Chris’s every movement over many months, it was understandably quite heartbreaking to learn of the manner in which he died.

“But this also represents a key learning and an opportunity for us to raise awareness with the community about their role in helping to prevent further koalas and other wildlife from suffering the same fate.

“Our tracking data has shown that koalas frequently incorporate private properties into their home ranges with little awareness of the dangers posed by unrestrained dogs.

“The simple act of tying your dogs up or enclosing them in smaller yards at night can significantly reduce the risk to koalas and other wildlife on your property.”

For further information about council’s Koala Conservation Plan visit council’s website.