From Malaysia to Singapore, Japan and New York – this well-travelled chef can now call the Sunshine Coast home
  • Wednesday 06 July 2016
citizenship ceremony

He’s lived in New York, Singapore, Japan and Malaysia, but Joe Humble will now call the Sunshine Coast, and Australia, home.

Joe Humble will become an Australian citizen today (July 6) at a ceremony to be held in Caloundra.

Born and raised in Malaysia, Joe said he lived most of his childhood and young adult life living in fear.

“Although there were good times, from the time I was eight years old, I mostly lived my life in fear,” Mr Humble said.

“It was mainly due to the well-known lack of security and bribery activities that were taking place during that time.”

When he turned 21, Mr Humble left Malaysia to pursue his dream of becoming a chef.

“After finishing school, it was very difficult to find work in Malaysia and the wages didn’t cover the cost and the standard of living, it was like slavery.

“When I was 21 I moved to Japan to do a serving apprenticeship to become a sushi master.

“After I finished my apprenticeship I moved to Singapore to continue pursuing my career as a sushi chef.

“Then in 2006, I accepted an offer to be an executive sushi chef in New York City, which was an amazing experience.”

After three years living and working in New York, Joe heard about the Australian Regional Skilled Migration Scheme and set about applying.

“I moved to the Sunshine Coast in March 2009 thanks to the Australian Regional Skilled Migration Scheme,” he said.

“I was attracted by the environment and balanced lifestyle that Australia offered compared with living in New York, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan.

“I love the people here and love the mateship culture.

“Especially on the Sunshine Coast, such a gem place filled with great people.

“It’s a place where it lives up to its name 'Sunny Coast', I wake up happy with sunshine every day.

“It means a lot for me to become an Australian citizen today.

“I’m excited to move on with plans to have children and most importantly for them to be raised and nurtured in a healthy environment, with meticulous education, a great culture, living equality, humanity and the mateship culture.

“They won’t have to go through the same childhood I've been through.

“I would like to take this chance to thank the Australian Government for having a skilled migration program which gave people like us a chance to start a new life and fulfil our future dreams.”

Australian Citizenship Ceremonies on the Sunshine Coast are held bi-monthly in locations across the region.