Citizenship will be the icing on the best cake ever!
  • Monday 10 March 2014

When the Lunny family arrived in Australia from the UK almost six years ago, complete with seven children, 23 suitcases, two grandparents and one auntie, they certainly made a stir at the arrivals terminal.

Claire and Ged Lunny along with their daughter Imogen will join 160 of the Coast’s newest Australian residents at the Harmony Day citizenship ceremony on Friday, March 21.

The Lunny family comprises of mum Claire, dad Ged, Imogen 17, Millie 16, Izi and Alice 14, Joe 11, Martha 10 and Tom 8.

Claire said since they arrived in May 2008 there has not been one single day where they have ever looked back - every day is a pleasure.

“I first came to Australia in 1992 in my young and single days and lived in Queensland and WA for 12 months vowing to one day return. And return I did complete with a husband and seven children,” she said.

“I still remember the look on the three customs officers’ faces when we all arrived in convoy with 23 suitcases. It took two cars and a trailer to get us all to our new home in Buderim which we bought on the internet without even seeing.

“During the last six idyllic years we have spent on the Sunshine Coast, the children have been to Immanuel Lutheran College which they love, while Ged and I have attended TAFE, started University and bought a business called Ab Fab the Stress Free Movers.

“Last year our hard work paid off with the business receiving a Sunshine Coast Small Business Award which was in recognition of the great staff we are fortunate to have.”

Much to Claire’s delight the children have also taken advantage of every Australian sporting opportunity presented to them.

“We have been up early on a Sunday for Surf Life Savers, rained on at a Friday Little Athletics meet, had wind and sunburn while at Fishermans Road Netball and been on the receiving end of every weather condition conceivable for soccer,” she said.

“This year despite Ged’s protests, Joe has defected from football (the real name of soccer of course !!) to rugby – he has become a true Aussie indeed.

“My own personal favourite past time is going down to Mooloolaba via the Alex Headland hill and saying ‘we live here’ which despite the children replying ‘no we don’t we live in Buderim’ gives me the best feeling ever. We do live here and are so very lucky to be so in this very special gorgeous place.

“Our citizenship will be the icing on the best cake ever - as every day is and continues to be a pleasure.”

The Sunshine Coast Council Harmony Day Citizenship Ceremony will be held at the Lake Kawana Community Centre from 1pm to 3pm on Friday, March 21.

Australian Citizenship Ceremonies on the Sunshine Coast are held bi-monthly in locations across the region. Visit council’s website for further information on Australian Citizenship Ceremonies.