Guess what weighs 14 tonnes?
  • Tuesday 08 March 2016

Seven large cars, five African forest elephants, four killer whales, and the total amount of garbage removed from our beautiful Sunshine Coast region over the weekend as part of Clean Up Australia Day, thanks to the incredible efforts of the local community.

Council’s Manager Waste and Resource Management John Hogg said 11.7 tonnes of waste and 2.4 tonnes of recyclable items – 14.1 tonnes in total – was collected from across the Coast.

“More than 1100 local residents pitched in to fill up 842 bags worth of general rubbish and 173 bags of recyclables from 104 locations region-wide, ” Mr Hogg said.

“Waste volumes collected across the Sunshine Coast were higher than last year with an increase of approximately 11%.

“Common items collected at most sites included cigarette butts, plastic bags, aluminium cans, plastic and glass drink bottles and coffee cups.

“While feedback from volunteers in more publicly utilised areas such as main beaches, rivers and parks reported much less rubbish, volunteers from sites located in more remote areas of the region reported the continued presence of illegal dumping with tyres, mattresses and televisions.

“Illegal dumping is not only inconsiderate, unattractive and against the law, but for the most part completely unnecessary if the purpose had been to save a couple of bucks. 

“The vast majority of the illegally dumped items collected could have been disposed of at our Resource Recovery Centres for free, or placed in a household wheelie bin.”

Mr Hogg said the Clean Up for Australia Day event was a fantastic effort for our environment and all of the volunteers’ hard work was greatly appreciated.

“Early learning centres, secondary colleges and youth groups (Scouts, Guides and Pathfinders) along with families registering to clean their local area assisted with increasing the number of registered sites on the Sunshine Coast this year,” he said.

“All Clean Up Australia Day site coordinators were instrumental in advising volunteers on procedures and assisting in allocating areas for clean-up.

“A special thank you should go to those site coordinators who managed large groups over wide areas such as the Goodlife Community Centre, Currimundi Catchment Care Group, Night Eyes Water and Landcare, Friends of Currimundi Lake and Bells Neighbourhood Church.”

Fast facts – summary of Clean Up Australia Day on the Sunshine Coast:

  • 1100 total registered volunteers;
  • 104 registered clean-up sites (29 by schools, 75 by general volunteers);
  • 842 bags of general rubbish were collected (the equivalent of 281 x 240L wheelie bins; 11.7 tonne; approximately 70 cubic metres);
  • 173 bags of recyclables were collected (the equivalent of 58 x 240L wheelie bins; 2.4 tonne; approximately 14.5 cubic metres).