Coast Mayor to discuss region’s priorities in Canberra
  • Tuesday 17 March 2015
Mayor Mark Jamieson

Sunshine Coast Mayor Mark Jamieson will join his South East Queensland mayoral colleagues in Canberra today to discuss the region’s priorities with the Prime Minister and senior Government ministers.

Mayor Jamieson is visiting Canberra as part of a South East Queensland Mayors’ delegation to highlight the key challenges and opportunities confronting the fastest growing region in Australia.

The Sunshine Coast Mayor will also be involved in a series of other one-on-one meetings to discuss key projects on the Sunshine Coast and how the Federal Government can assist in their delivery.

Included on the agenda of priorities for the Sunshine Coast are the Bruce Highway and North Coast Rail line upgrades as well as the Sunshine Coast Airport expansion project.

“I’ll be looking to make the most of this time with Federal politicians so they gain a clearer understanding of our region-building projects and how they will help make the Sunshine Coast an even better place to live, work and visit,” Mayor Jamieson said.

“As the third largest local government outside Brisbane, our Council has a clear platform for building prosperity in this region with a strong focus on employment generation and creating a strong, resilient and inclusive community.

“Many of the major projects we have planned for the region, and which I will be discussing with the Federal Government, are squarely focussed on achieving those objectives.”

The Council of Mayors (SEQ) annual delegation to Canberra will be involved in two days of meetings to advocate for the funding and resourcing commitments needed from the Federal Government to continue to drive economic, community and environmental sustainability for South East Queensland.

The focus for the Council of Mayors SEQ discussions will be on:

  • Natural Disaster Recovery and Resilience
  • Waterways Management
  • Road Funding Commitments
  • Infrastructure Priorities
  • Investment Attraction
  • Information and Communications Technology
  • South East Queensland Olympic Bid

“Each of the items on our agenda go to the heart of ensuring south east Queensland continues to grow, generates prosperity for our residents and maintains its reputation as a great place to live” Mayor Jamieson said.

“This can only be achieved through a collaborative approach across issues and a strong alliance between all tiers of government.”

The Council of Mayors represents one in seven Australians.