Coast popular for G20 escapees – locals and visitors alike
  • Monday 17 November 2014
Foreign journalists meet with Mayor and Irwins at Australia Zoo

Mayor Mark Jamieson today joined Australia Zoo’s Irwin family to wrap up the Sunshine Coast’s G20 involvement by jointly hosting a visit by foreign journalists to the zoo.

The visit, by journalists from Agence France-Presse – one of the world’s largest press agencies – and a journalist from Andalou Agency in Turkey – that nation hosting the next G20 – followed a quietly staged visit to the zoo yesterday from Laureen Harper and Bronagh Key, the wives of Canadian and New Zealand prime ministers Stephen Harper and John Key respectively. One of the French journalists is currently based in Beijing.

These visits position the Sunshine Coast as arguably the most-visited destination for G20 attendees in Queensland outside Brisbane.

The Mayor said the journalists would have a great experience to take home with them.

“To be able to do this – to handle the animals and talk to the staff, all in a beautiful day here on the Coast – where else will they get that experience?” he said.

One could not put a price on what the global television audience was seeing from south-east Queensland, he said.

“People around the world look and see this region as a safe place – that’s a very tradeable commodity,” Mayor Jamieson said.

“As for local business here, clearly a number enjoyed good trade across the weekend as a result of the influx of visitors.

“It’s a real bonus – like having two Easters in one year.”