Coastal Bikeway avoids Coolum’s fragile dunes
  • Wednesday 13 August 2008

A cycleway along the David Low Way, close to the Hyatt Regency Coolum, has been identified as the way to keep one of the best remaining parabolic dunes on the Sunshine Coast intact.

Today, Council’s Regional Strategy and Planning Committee welcomed findings that the most viable route for the Coastal Bikeway is along Tanah Street East, the David Low Way and Warragah Parade, Coolum and recommended Council authorise the Chief Executive Officer to start negotiations with Lend Lease to achieve this.

The recommendation will now be referred to the full Council at next week’s Ordinary meeting, for approval.

Lend Lease, as part of the next stage of development of the Hyatt Regency Coolum, has approval for the construction of a ‘dune esplanade’ bike path.

However, responding to community concern over its impact on the fragile environment and a proposed alternative route that still provides cyclists with a quality experience, Lend Lease has agreed the David Low Way alternative may provide a better outcome for all concerned.

Strategy and Planning Director (Central), Julie Edwards, acknowledged the developer’s goodwill and said the David Low Way route, with its own challenges is the best option available.

“Any changes to the current Development Application approval have to be initiated by Lend Lease and so their co-operation to date is most welcome,” Ms Edwards said.

“While the David Low Way will require additional road crossings and DMR approvals, an amended fire management plan and the likely need to modify the western toe of the parabolic dune, it is of all options available seen as the best solution.”