Community support for fig tree replacement
  • Thursday 09 December 2010

The safety and wellbeing of local residents and businesses is paramount to Sunshine Coast Council, and a plan is in place to ensure future public protection along Bulcock Street in Caloundra.

Council is set to remove and replace a number of fig trees in Bulcock Street over a 20 year period due to concerns over the trees’ suitability to the area.

Division 2 Councillor, Tim Dwyer said the decision to remove and replace some of the iconic trees was made after a review process as part of the Bulcock Street Streetscape Master Plan.

“An arborist report recommended that two fig trees on Bulcock Street be removed and Council acted on this recommendation last year,” he said.

“The remaining trees do not pose immediate risks but it’s clear from the report that this species is unsuitable in a street due to their root system that can cause damage to pavement, underground pipes and building structures.

“As per the report recommendations, Council will remove 16 fig trees, while three trees in the roundabouts will be left in place because they have sufficient root space and are planted on level ground.”

Community consultation regarding management options for the fig trees returned 40% support for Council’s preferred option of replacing the trees, while 16% supported immediate removal of the trees and 33% were in favour of retaining the trees.

Cr Dwyer said Council would finalise a Tree Management Plan by March 2011 to determine timelines for the gradual removal of the remaining 16 fig trees lining Bulcock Street and to identify suitable replacement species.

“Council has consulted with the Bulcock Street Community Reference Group (CRG) and the Caloundra Chamber of Commerce and the majority of these respondents supported the recommendation for gradual removal of some of the fig trees,” he said.

“Long-term tree management options are being development by Council including a shortlist of suitable replacement tree species to ensure Bulcock Street is always a green, shady and pleasant environment.

“All residents, traders and property owners along Bulcock Street will also receive a copy of these options.”