Community to help brand council
  • Thursday 02 October 2008

Sunshine Coast Regional Council today endorsed the development of a new council brand at its Ordinary Meeting.

The Sunshine Coast community will be invited to join a focus group of branding professionals, councillors and staff to work together preparing guidelines for the development of a new logo and other band elements.

Mayor Bob Abbot said that the current logo was always intended to be a stop-gap solution.

“That’s why there is very limited use of this logo, and what is around is made of stickers placed over former council logos,” Cr Abbot said.

“But a brand is more than a logo.

“The right branding will bring together the council’s strategic vision, values, customer service and communication.

“Our new brand will reflect the reputation of this organisation. We all have high hopes for this council and for our region, so it will be a great achievement to find a design that best reflects this.”

Council also requested a further report to come to council about the implementation of the new brand.

The report will provide details about timelines, recommendations about the use of the word ‘regional’, the branding of business units, as well as a break down of associated costs.

“By far, the highest costs associated with the new branding and logo is in the delivery, not the design. The project will need to be in undertaken over many years,“ Cr Abbot said.

“Signage, uniforms, stationary and all our publications currently carry a range of brand due to the amalgamation.

“The funds allocated this financial year to this project may or may not be expended depending on how far the rollout is progressed and how much can be absorbed in a normal program of activities which include sign replacement and maintenance.”

An invitation to the community to become a part of the focus is expected to be issued in the near future.