Construction on Bulcock Street paused for Easter holidays
  • Thursday 24 March 2016
Artist impression of the new Bulcock Street streetscape design

Construction for the major Bulcock Street streetscape upgrade will stop at 6pm today (March 24) for the Easter school holidays, to ensure the street is easily accessible for the expected increase in visitors to Caloundra.

All construction barriers and signage will be removed from Bulcock Street and Otranto Avenue, with both streets temporarily returned to two way regular traffic. Construction will resume on Monday April 11.

To help ensure as many people as possible can access businesses, the two hour timed parking remains in place during the school holidays and throughout the duration of construction. Parking fees still apply where parking meters remain on the street and additional signage will be installed to ensure motorists are aware of these time limits.

The streetscape upgrade includes a modern, dynamic canopy lighting feature, a new street profile that removes upright kerbs to cater for events, contemporary street furniture, and extra trees and shrubs.

The upgrade will build on the street’s existing character, significantly enhance the look and experience of the area, improve safety and access, and provide a drawcard which maintains and builds a sustainable economy for Caloundra. It will transform the section of Bulcock Street from Felicity Park to just past the Minchinton Street roundabout.

The improvements will encourage more people to visit the town and encourage extra activities such as evening trading and events, and have been welcomed by business owners.

Construction is expected to be complete in late November/early December (weather permitting).