Integrated Family and Youth Services Ltd to call Coolum Civic Centre home
  • Monday 14 December 2015
Coolum Civic Centre

At last week’s Ordinary Meeting (December 10) Sunshine Coast Council announced that the Integrated Family and Youth Services Ltd (IFYS) will take on the management of the Coolum Civic Centre from July 1, 2016.

Division 9 Councillor Stephen Robinson said council was committed to further activating the recently renovated Coolum Civic Centre in Jack Morgan Park, Coolum Beach.

“The endorsed Jack Morgan Park, Coolum Landscape Plan recommended the relocation of the Coolum Community Centre facility, which is currently managed by Integrated Family and Youth Services Ltd,” Cr Robinson said.

“It was acknowledged IFYS require a central location for their services to the Coolum community, and based on this decision council intends to appoint them to lease and manage the Coolum Civic Centre.

“IFYS, whose services are integral to the Coolum community, have a proven track record at successfully managing and operating facilities.

“They will also increase the utilisation of the Coolum Civic Centre from 42 hours per week to 83 hours per week.

“With an additional meeting room and office space due for construction in July 2016, activation of the facility will increase to 105 hours per week.

“Importantly, with IFYS as onsite managers this means valuable savings to ratepayers in the form of reduced operating costs as they will be responsible for all bookings, facility management and associated costs.”

Cr Robinson said council consulted with the existing users of the Coolum Civic Centre to ensure their needs have been fully considered with the proposal.

“All groups see the benefits of this proposal, and are willing to make small concessions to ensure every group can continue to operate within the Coolum Civic Centre under the new management arrangements,” Cr Robinson said.

“Today, in accordance with Local Government Regulation 2012, council exercised its exception from the tender or auction process to allow IFYS to manage and further activate the Coolum Civic Centre facility for a period of 10 years.

“This is a fantastic win for all the community ─ having an onsite manager and additional meeting room will significantly benefit everyone.”

About IFYS

Integrated Family and Youth Service (IFYS Ltd) has provided 35 years of serving the community to deliver a range of specialist support and intervention programs for children, young people and families.

Working closely with businesses, corporations, governments and other charities they deliver 25 separate accommodation, child protection, counselling and support services throughout the State of Queensland.

Integrated Family and Youth Service aims to provide opportunities, in accepting environments, for children, young people and families to take responsibility for their own lives and to assist them to actively participate in the community of their choice.