Council adopts Coast’s first community plan
  • Wednesday 18 May 2011

A plan that sets the aspirations and priorities for the Sunshine Coast for the next 20 years, and will ultimately make a difference to the future of the Coast, was today adopted by council.

Mayor Bob Abbot said the adoption of the first Sunshine Coast Community Plan is a major achievement for both council and the community.

"The first community plan for the Sunshine Coast outlines our hopes and aspirations for the future of our region and it will also inform decision making in our region over the next 20 years," Cr Abbot said.

"This plan has allowed our community to articulate its vision, aspirations and priorities, and it now provides our community with a much stronger footing to advocate these priorities to all levels of government."

Cr Abbot said the community plan is a starting point, from which our community can now develop solid strategies and actions for the future.

"The plan’s key messages and aspirations need to be carefully considered by all decision makers across the region in the development of their strategic plans," Cr Abbot said.

"All levels of government, the community and business have a role to play and everyone must take responsibility for their respective actions and responsibilities."

Deputy Mayor and Corporate Planning and Performance Portfolio holder Councillor Tim Dwyer said the Community Plan is one of the most important documents that council will adopt in this term of office.

"While council is required to develop and adopt a long-term community plan under the Local Government Act, the Community Plan is the people’s plan and a roadmap to our future," Cr Dwyer said.

"This plan will ultimately make a difference to everyone living on the Coast, now and in the future."

Cr Dwyer added that preparing the plan has involved extensive consultation with the community over the past 12 months and council has taken the time to get it right.

"We have sought input and feedback through a range of activities that included analysing previous research and community consultation activities, conducting an independent survey of 800 people and holding a two-day community conference," he said.

"What has become clear during this process is the community’s commitment to the Sunshine Coast becoming Australia’s most sustainable region.

"Our community has articulated that to become more sustainable we must not only protect our precious natural assets and lifestyle, but build and diversify our economy, create employment opportunities, ensure there is social cohesion and seize new opportunities as they arise."