Council adopts Constitution for Noosa Biosphere Reserve
  • Thursday 21 August 2008

Council signed off on one of its hotlist agenda items at this week’s Ordinary Meeting – the Constitution for the Noosa Biosphere Reserve as a Company Limited by Guarantee, and the endorsement of Noosa Biosphere Governance Board.

In September 2007, the former Noosa Shire was awarded Biosphere status by UNESCO’s Man and the Biosphere (MAB) International Co-ordinating Council, noting the strong sense of community involvement in relation to the natural environment that characterises the area.

“Council worked for years with the community in Noosa to create a balance between people and the environment, and this is now acknowledged by UNESCO who consider this Biosphere, of the 507 sites worldwide across 102 countries, as a benchmark,” said Sunshine Coast Mayor Bob Abbot.

“The Noosa Biosphere Reserve Governance Board will now carry on to advance UNESCO’s Biosphere program objectives for strengthening and maintaining a balance in Noosa between people and the environment.”

The Constitution of the Noosa Biosphere Limited outlines the company purpose, objectives and powers, operational structure and representation.

The Noosa Biosphere Governance Board Directors comprise Divisions 11 and 12 Councillors Russell Green and Lew Brennan, one director from each of the five community sector boards, one director form Tourism Noosa and three directors from the wider community.

The five Noosa Biosphere Community Sector Boards now in operation consist of community members selected to manage the interests of the Biosphere in the following areas:

2.Education, Research and Development;
4.Economic; and

This model follows the Sector Board model established by the former Noosa Council to ensure community engagement in its planning and operations. The existing organisation, Tourism Noosa, is also involved as an advisory board under the governance structure.

The next step in the management of the Noosa Biosphere will involve a combined Sector Boards’ workshop in September to establish their vision and goal and start to develop a long term Biosphere Reserve plan.