Council cracks down on dangerous dogs
  • Tuesday 05 July 2011

Monitoring and educating the community to take responsibility for their dogs was top of mind for Sunshine Coast Council with a three month inspection program targeting dogs regulated under the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008 given the green light.

This systematic inspection program will proactively monitor compliance of the mandatory conditions in place for regulated dogs that are kept within the boundaries of the Sunshine Coast region in accordance with the Act.

Community Policy and Programs Portfolio Councillor Jenny McKay said this program would enable authorised council officers to enter private property at a reasonable time to ensure that the owners of a regulated dog are complying with the permit conditions to keep a regulated dog.

"There are a number of mandatory conditions that owners must comply with when keeping a regulated dog. These conditions are aimed at ensuring the ongoing safety of the community from declared dogs," she said.

"Some of those conditions include the provision and maintenance of an acceptable enclosure with minimum height requirements and gates that are childproof, self closing and self latching.

"There must also be placement of a sign near the entrance to the property that identifies the type of regulated dog on the property and confirmation that the dog is actually being kept on the approved property.

"This inspection program will contribute to the effective proactive management of regulated animals throughout the region. It will work in line with council’s continued education and communication program to ensure owners of regulated dogs understand their responsibility and are compliant with the Act."

Where breaches of the mandatory conditions are noted, the Act allows for substantial fines with a maximum penalty of 75 penalty units ($7,500) for failure to comply.

The systematic inspection program has been scheduled to run from 1 August until 31 October 2011.

Council’s endorsement of these programs is required in order to meet the legislative responsibilities under the Act.