Council demands guaranteed water supply
  • Friday 24 October 2008

Sunshine Coast Council has agreed to write to the Queensland Water Commission demanding the State Government to provide the Sunshine Coast region with a guaranteed, secure water supply.

Mayor Bob Abbot said Council, at today’s Ordinary Meeting, confirmed its concerns over connecting the Sunshine Coast’s water supply to the State Government’s Water Grid.

He also said the subsequent diversion of existing supplies and the intended imposition of water restrictions must be contingent on the ability of the Grid to provide the region with a water supply when required, if they were to be supported by Council.

“The people of the Sunshine Coast need to know that they will be guaranteed a return supply when they need it,” Cr Abbot said.

“The Commission need to outline the criteria regarding what level the Sunshine Coast supply would need to be or get to in order to install the pumps guaranteeing the return supply.

“Council will also ask the Commission to advise its justification and rationale for imposing restrictions to the north of the Maroochy River/Petrie Creek divide where consumers will not be connected to the Water Grid come March 2009.

“Furthermore, Council is requesting that any such guarantee provided by the Commission be protected by statute law”.