Council engages Barung for stream realignment project
  • Thursday 29 May 2008

The Sunshine Coast Council has engaged Barung Landcare’s contracting services to work on an important project to realign the flow of Willow Lane Creek in Maleny.

Division Five Councillor Jenny McKay said that due to infrastructure changes and channelling processes over the last 15 years, the natural flow of the waterway has been heavily modified into the straight flow it currently follows.

“The problem has been exacerbated by weed infestation and siltation, meaning the stream flow isn’t what it should be and stormwater isn’t running off as efficiently as it should,”

“This project will re-align the central stream flow to deliver the desired volumes into the stormwater drain – and it will make a healthier waterway. By engaging Barung as principle project manager, we are working with a local group recognised for its expertise in sustainable management of natural resources.”

Barung Contracting Services coordinator Brendan Stephen said they planned to remove a large amount of sediment that has formed an island and split the flow of the stream.

“We’ll do that without using heavy machinery and the excess sediment will be re-deposited across the site,’’ he said. “In an effort to limit increased stream-bank turbidity, we will place mineral and organic bunts within the stream to disseminate soil particles before they reach the stormwater drain. We’ll also incorporate silt traps to further limit sediment movement.”

Mr Stephen said revegetation will follow the re-alignment work, ensuring that in the long term the banks will remain stable, soil movement into the creek will be mitigated, water will be filtered before it enters the creek and wildlife habitat will be created.

“This will complement restoration efforts that have been undertaken along the Obi.”

Cr McKay said the project was another example of Council working with local groups to achieve the best results for the community.

The project is expected to take five days for streambank re-alignment and a further three days for the revegetation efforts.