Council invites comment on Bulcock Street Figs
  • Wednesday 25 August 2010

Council is inviting Caloundra residents and businesses to comment on a range of options that will determine the fate of the Bulcock Street Fig Trees.

Deputy Mayor Cr Tim Dwyer said council has supported option three in its discussion paper, which advocates removal of all of the fig trees over a 20 year period and replacement with suitable mature tree species.

“While council has supported option three, to remove the trees over a 20 year period, we now need to know what the community thinks,” Cr Dwyer said.

“The figs do pose significant economic and safety challenges as they continue to mature, but we also recognise that they are a key feature of the Bulcock Street landscape.

“Council will host a community information session in the next few weeks, to ensure that everyone has the same information from which to make a decision and to give the community the opportunity to comment.”

Details of the upcoming session will be posted to council's website in the next few days.

The discussion paper includes four options for removal including:

  • the immediate removal of all trees
  • removal of all trees in the short term (two years)
  • removal of all trees over a longer period (20 years)
  • retain all fig trees for a lengthy period (more than 50 years).

Council’s recommendation to remove the figs over a 20 year period (option three) means visitors and residents would gain the most benefit through tree retention by preserving street shade and character, Cr Dwyer said.

The 20 year staged removal also provides the opportunity to remove higher risk trees first and manage medium risk trees in the longer term.