Council leading the charge on climate change
  • Friday 11 June 2010

Climate change and peak oil are global issues with a local impact that Sunshine Coast Council is tackling head on with the adoption of the Sunshine Coast Climate Change and Peak Oil Strategy 2010–2020.

This strategy identifies the actions needed to prepare and adapt the Coast for a changing climate in the future, and will inform the new Sunshine Coast Planning Scheme.

Environmental Portfolio councillor Keryn Jones said the Climate Change and Peak Oil Strategy will help to create a future, resilient to climate change and peak oil.

“Evidence suggests that our climate is changing, with predictions indicating we can expect more severe storms, higher temperatures, rising sea levels and less rain,” Cr Jones said.

“Combine this with mounting financial pressure from increasing oil prices, and you begin to see the enormous impact climate change and peak oil will have on our community.

“The solutions to this problem exist but we need to act now.”

Cr Jones said that she would like to acknowledge and thank the contribution of the Sunshine Coast community during the development of the Climate Change and Peak Oil Strategy.

“With the goal to build a low carbon, low oil, resilient future for the Coast, the Climate Change and Peak Oil Strategy lays the path for an early and effective response to climate change and peak oil.

“At council, we haven’t just been developing the strategy; we are leading by example and have taken steps to address climate change and peak oil.

“Council has begun working on its own path to carbon neutrality and has developed sustainable transport, biodiversity, land use and social planning initiatives for the region.

“We’ve built partnerships with Energex to develop programs such as the Energy Conservation Communities program, and called for expressions of interest on ways to increase renewable energy on the Sunshine Coast.

“We are also calling on the whole community to join council in taking action against climate change.

“Join the LivingSmart or ecoBiz programs, ride your bike to work one day a week, buy local food and produce, switch to renewable energy and off-set your travel—each small change adds up to one big action and will save us money in the long run.

“By planning for climate change and acting together, we can protect our environment, economy, community and lifestyle into the future.”

The draft strategy was released for public feedback during the Our place Our future planning program in late 2009. In finalising the strategy, council addressed the issues raised during the consultation and used the feedback to improve the final strategy.

The Sunshine Coast Climate Change and Peak Oil Strategy 2010–20 was adopted at the Ordinary Meeting of Council on Thursday 10 June. Visit the environmental management section of council’s website for a copy.