Council says Coast beaches are holding up well
  • Thursday 07 January 2010

Coast beaches might be taking their annual battering, but the defence measures implemented by Sunshine Coast Council over the past year have helped the beaches weather the storm.

Mark Presswell, Manager of parks and gardens said that thanks to sand replenishing earlier in the year the beaches at Dicky, Currimundi, Noosa and Mooloolaba have weathered the storm well.

“We’ve got a number of strategic short term and annual measures in place that have been helping shore up our beaches against the king tides and strong winds,” Mr Presswell said.

“These measures include things such as sand scraping, to renourish beaches, replacing geotextile bags and designing new infrastructure.

“We’re dealing with such a dynamic system.

“The situation at Moffat for example was caused when king tides and northerly winds created a current to the south taking the sand with it. Now we’re getting a south easterly wind, which is sending the sand back north.

“We have to make sure we put the right protective measures in the right areas. There’s absolutely no point in putting temporary fixes in place, which cost thousands of dollars, when they won’t deliver the results we need.”

Manager of Environment Policy Steve Skull said we need to understand which measures will work the best and where the erosion risk areas are.

“Council is preparing a Waterways and Coastal Foreshores Management Strategy that will give us a better understanding of coastal processes along the entire Sunshine Coast,” Mr Skull said.

“We’ll use this understanding to prioritise future works.

“As the strategy is finalised, council will continue to prepare Shoreline Erosion and Management Plans, including recommended protective measures for areas likely to be, or already critically impacted by, erosion.

“Importantly, council will also continue to work closely with the state government following the recent release of critical coastal planning and policy documents.

“At a local level we have state government support to form the first Waterways and Coastal Management Committee within south east Queensland. This will bring together all the relevant agencies to progress key coastal management and river planning issues more collaboratively.

“It is critical we invest the time and energy into these tasks to ensure we have our priorities right into the future.”


Proactive measures that council has taken to protect its shoreline against erosion in the last 12 months.


  • Sand scraping to renourish the main beach with approximately 10,000m3 at a cost of approximately $50,000
  • Replacement design for the existing sand shifter pumping system. New system to duplicate beach renourishment capacity from 30,000m3/year to 60,000m3/year. Installation is scheduled for June this year. Approximate Cost $1.5M
  • Design of a protective structure for inside the River mouth at Noosa. This structure is currently being modelled and will consist of either geo-textile bags, rock and or in conjunction with dredging. It is being designed to protect the Dog Beach against erosion and a break through which would expose Noosa Sound to a higher wave and swell climate. Cost approx $1m with assistance from State Govt Construction scheduled for May June this year

Maroochy River entrance

  • Replacement of 100 geo-textile bags that form the groynes that protect Cotton Tree Caravan Park against erosion cost approx $80,000
  • Maroochy and Alex Beach re-profiling the dunes against scarping and sand scraping. Approx cost $40,000
  • Repairs completed to grouted rock revetment wall along Bradman Avenue $30,000

Mooloolaba Beach Spit area and River entrance

  • Design of a geo-textile bag wall from the river entrance 600m north towards the surf club. This is a staged construction. Designs are complete and awaiting development approval. Construction of stage 1, 200m opposite the Cheese Block scheduled for March – May 2010.
  • Designing a pipeline to feed sand from the river entrance to the same beach. Design also complete and awaiting DA. Council has managed to get both projects supported financially by the Port of Brisbane and Department of Transport and Main roads. Total cost of both projects $1m+
  • Sand scraping using dump trucks and excavators to renourish The Spit with approx 10,000m3 sand at a cost of approx $50,000 following east cost low in May last year

Currimundi Beach

  • Sand scraping to renourish the beach with approx 1,000m3 sand at a cost of approx $5,000 following the east cost low in May 2009

Dicky Beach

  • Sand scraping to renourish the beach with approx 3,000m3 sand from Currimundi Lake at a cost of approx $20,000 following the east cost low in May 2009

Moffat Beach

  • Completion of a rock wall to protect against shoreline erosion approx cost $500,000

Golden Beach

  • Repairs completed to the geotextile groyne field from opposite Short Street to Gemini Towers. Cost approx $80,000
  • Annual dredging in same area to renourish and protect the dunes against summer storms cost approx $30,000