Council takes a new road to recycling
  • Friday 06 May 2011

When it comes to local roads on the Sunshine Coast, everything old is new again.

Sunshine Coast Council is driving a new approach to utilising old asphalt and gravel road base that was previously trucked into landfills or spoil sites for disposal.

Asset Management and Works Portfolio Councillor Ted Hungerford said council’s Civil Works Services department was recycling previously unwanted road material by incorporating it into local gravel and sealed road maintenance and construction operations.

"This initiative has minimal costs to council but provides numerous benefits, including keeping concrete and asphalt debris out of landfills, saving landfill space," he said.

"The recycled material is used in a range of activities and this reduces the need for gravel mining.

"Using our own recycled concrete, gravel and asphalt for road works also reduces the pollution involved in trucking material from around the Sunshine Coast and outer areas."

Cr Hungerford said the recycled materials were typically a product of council’s Road Rehabilitation Program or from road profiling work.

"During the initial stages of pavement failure rectification work, council’s bobcat profiling machines chop up the defective road base and spit this material out as a rough road gravel base," he said.

"The rough base is then transported to one of council’s Civil Works Services stockpile sites and blended with small amounts of ‘2.5’ grade gravel.

"This mixture of recycled gravel material is then placed onto roads in hinterland and urban areas in predetermined amounts."

* photos available on request