Council thanks the many volunteers who make a difference
  • Friday 18 May 2012

In celebration of National Volunteer Week, Sunshine Coast Council today applauds the dedication of its many volunteers who generously donate their time to make a difference in the community.

One such volunteer that council would like to acknowledge and thank is Ms Jude McCourt who has been volunteering her time at the Noosa Regional Gallery for more than four years.

Council’s Gallery Curator Nina Shadforth said volunteers play a very important role in the many community programs which rely on their valuable assistance.

"This week we would like to publicly thank our volunteers such as Jude who initially started working at the Noosa Regional Gallery family days serving the barbeque," she said.

"It didn’t take us long to work out that Jude had a keen interest in art and so we asked her to work on the reception desk at the gallery. Lucky for us Jude said yes.

"In addition to reception duties, she still continues to help out at our monthly openings and family days."

If you have the pleasure of meeting Jude McCourt you will quickly learn that she is a person who is keen to make a difference in her community.

Ms McCourt said there are many benefits of being a volunteer and one of those is meeting new people and filling the void left from full time employment.

"I really enjoy keeping mentally and physically active and being valued and appreciated is extremely rewarding," she said.

"Working at the gallery makes me feel privileged as I’m often the first to view the latest exhibition or, even better, witness the installation process.

"Another benefit is the location of the Gallery - it’s not at all hard looking at the Noosa River while doing a mail out.

"I have also recently started helping at the Pomona Old Railway Gallery and undertake several other fulfilling volunteer roles including fundraising for animal welfare and assisting in the aged care industry."