Council to await state legislation on circus animals on public land
  • Wednesday 06 October 2010

New legislation being drafted by Biosecurity Queensland will form the basis for Sunshine Coast Council's stance on the keeping of exotic animals and more particularly the use of public land for circuses.

Comprehensive standards for keeping and exhibiting exotic and native animals for zoos, aquariums, circuses and mobile displays will form part of this legislation due in early 2012.

Community Services Acting Director, Eric Moes said today’s decision to wait for the legislation comes after extensive public discussion about council's position in relation to allowing circuses with exotic animals to use public land.

"After a great deal of consideration on the issue of keeping and exhibiting exotic animals in circuses on public land, council has today agreed to await the passage of state legislation on this matter," Mr Moes said.

"Council has already received presentations and feedback from the RSPCA, the Circus Federation of Australia and other community groups. We are aware of the arguments for and against but we also need to ensure that our decision on this issue aligns with legislation.

"Until that legislation is adopted, circuses with exotic animals will continue to be permitted on council land as long as they comply fully with animal welfare legislation and relevant council regulations.

"Upcoming state legislation on the safety and welfare of exhibited animals, including circus animals, is expected to further strengthen standards for keeping these animals."