Council to help realise more community space at Mountain Creek
  • Saturday 19 March 2011

The Mountain Creek region will soon have additional community meeting space located at Mountain Creek School following Sunshine Coast Council this week endorsing funding $102,000 towards a community room.

While the new multi-purpose room will be located on school land, it will also be available to the broader community.

Division 6 Councillor Christian Dickson said the new community room would be a valuable asset to the local community who had limited social infrastructure in relation to the population of the area.

"Mountain Creek is a new, contemporary community, where land is often expensive and hard to come by," he said.

"Council’s endorsement of this recommendation is our opportunity to contribute to the provision of much-needed community space in the Mountain Creek area.

"This is a great outcome for the region."

The Mountain Creek community, primarily through the work of the two Mountain Creek schools, their Parents and Citizens groups and the Glenfields Waterbury Park Community Association, have long been advocating and planning for the further development of community infrastructure in the Mountain Creek area.

Following funding from the Commonwealth Government’s Building the Education Revolution (BER) stimulus package along with the Queensland State Government and a contribution from the Mountain Creek School P&C, the development of multi-purpose community facilities at Mountain Creek Primary School was made possible.

The community facilities will include the main multi-purpose hall – more than 1,200 square metres in size with the capacity to seat 1,000 people – and community rooms. A separate adjoining community room will be a large meeting room, approximately 134 square metres in size.

Mountain Creek School requested council fund a shortfall of $102,000 to allow the building of the majority of the community room for a total cost of $240,000, with the remainder provided by the BER contingency funds.

Cr Dickson said council was committed to providing the funding towards the community room to enable the full project to be completed and the region to have this important social community centre.

"In order to meet the existing and future forecast populations of the area, council identified the need for two local community local community centres. One of these will be provided through the Bundilla Lakes development," he said.

"The new multi-purpose community facilities at Mountain Creek School will provide a community hub for an assortment of community and not-for-profit groups to gather for a range of activities from yoga and mums’ clubs to residents’ meetings and workshops."

Construction of the community room will commence shortly following the nearly completed multi-purpose hall.