Council unveils plan to save our local kangaroos
  • Wednesday 28 October 2009

Sunshine Coast Council is partnering Queensland Government agencies and the local community to save kangaroos from becoming road kill on one of the region’s newest road networks.

Environment Portfolio holder, Councillor Keryn Jones, said a report will be presented to the next round of council meetings outlining a range of measures being rolled out in the Meridan Fields area near Caloundra.

“An alarming number of kangaroos have been killed to the west of Currimundi and Aroona on Corbould Way – the new state road – and also, in the past, on Parklands Boulevard,’’ Cr Jones said.

“It’s an issue that can’t be avoided as new roads and developments open up around wildlife habitat such as this – but good partnerships and planning can minimise the impact on our native fauna and hopefully avoid the associated traffic accidents.

“However, in the past there has not been sufficient consideration given to protecting our wildlife. We now have to try to remedy the situation in existing areas as best we can, and get proactive to ensure good fencing and crossings are provided to protect our wildlife when new roads open up.”

Cr Jones said council is working with Main Roads, Queensland Parks and Wildlife, the Department of Environment and Resource Management and Australia Zoo’s Wildlife Warriors Worldwide to look at options for protecting the many other mobs throughout the region that are stranded on islands surrounded by roads and development.

“A range of initiatives is being developed, along with a number of immediate measures for motorists, to help prevent kangaroos from being killed on our roads and the associated risk from these vehicle crashes.

“We are looking at joint efforts regarding education – especially for drivers who use these roads – and, where practical, the relocation of the kangaroos.

“Council’s development conditions for the Meridan Fields area will include requirements such as exclusion fencing, interconnecting reserves and covenants and requiring developers to liaise with Queensland Parks and Wildlife.

“And in the immediate future, Main Roads is investigating the removal of two sections of chain wire under the bridges at Meridan Fields so that the ‘roos can cross under the road – this will also make a difference.”

Cr Jones said the report to council will outline the funding options to improve the fencing along the new Caloundra to Mooloolaba Road link.

The report will be tabled at the next round of council meetings in November.