Council’s park maintenance system gets an overhaul
  • Friday 30 April 2010

At its ordinary meeting today, Sunshine Coast Council endorsed a set of recommendations that will bring park maintenance service levels into line across the region from July 2010.

Council will now start to rate over 3000 parks across the Coast, giving them a point value according to a new rating system. The value of each park on a scale from 1 – 12 will determine what maintenance that park will receive over the coming year.

Parks receiving a rating of 12 will have a combination of high visitor numbers, lots of assets requiring maintenance and an expectation in the community that the park should be maintained to a high standard.

Parks receiving a rating of 1 might be open grassed areas in a remote location with very low maintenance requirements.

This system allows council to achieve fair levels of service across the region, even allowing for the 2010-11 forecast growth of 5%, which would increase council’s maintenance costs.

Service Delivery Portfolio holder Cr Paul Tatton said he thinks the rating system is a good idea.

“The rating system will provide fair merit based maintenance to parks across the region,” Cr Tatton said.

“All level 6 parks for example would be inspected quarterly and mowed up to 11 times per year. All level 12 parks would be inspected daily, and mowed up to 26 times per year.

“This system clearly outlines what service levels residents can expect for their park each year.

“Every maintenance team, internal and external, will have performance targets built into their contracts, showing that we are serious about raising the bar in parks maintenance service delivery.

“All parks will be reclassified each year so ratings might go up or down with changes, upgrades or a rise and fall in usage.”

To help with classifications, council will select a representative number of parks from across the region each year and conduct surveys at each selected park, asking users to rate their experience.