Cr Lew Brennan opens two new Noosa Trail Network trails
  • Wednesday 18 November 2009

Sunshine Coast division 12 councillor Lew Brennan will officially open the two new Noosa Trail Network Trails tomorrow at 9.30am at a new car and float parking area on Mary River Road where the trail enters the Yurol State Forest.

The new trails will be open to the public on Sunday 29 November.

Trails 7 and 8 are part of the Noosa Trail Network and link Pomona to both Cooroy and Lake MacDonald, extending the network to 106km of maintained trails throughout the Noosa hinterland.

Photo opportunity with Cr Lew Brennan, Ian Last (Forestry Plantation Qld), Norm Taylor (QPWS), Anne Warmbrunn (Sunshine Coast Council Project Co-ordinator), Tony Whittall (CJP supervisor).

Photo opportunity with several local horse riders, riding and walking the trail.

The project was a joint venture between the state and local government with the Sunshine Coast Council contributing $460,000, the Department of Employment and Training funding a Community Jobs Program to provide the necessary labour, the Department of Environment and Resource Management establishing a car and float parking area and Forestry Plantation Queensland granting permission for the trail to be established on its estate.

The 15km Mac’n’Back Trail (trail 7) extends from the Noosa Showgrounds located at Pomona, under the railway and across Yurol Forest Drive to the picturesque Lake Macdonald.

The Cooroy Wanderer (trail 8) is an 11km easy walking trail that also starts at the Noosa Showgrounds, and extends through the Yurol State Forest to Cooroy.