Creekwood duplexes double act
  • Thursday 11 February 2010

Sunshine Coast Council has simplified the approval of duplexes at an estate in Meridan Plains, to help reduce development costs and delivery times.

At its Ordinary Meeting 4 February 2010, council agreed to change the assessment level of the Creekwood Master Planned Community (Stage 8) from impact to self assessment under the Caloundra City Plan 2004.

This means the Development Application can be made in accordance with clearly defined planning scheme codes instead of through the longer, impact assessment process.

Social Policy portfolio holder and local councillor, Anna Grosskreutz said this was an example of good land use planning decisions achieving desirable social outcomes.

“Affordable living is a key part of council’s vision for a sustainable Sunshine Coast and affordable housing such as duplexes are a vital part of the mix needed to achieve this goal,” Cr Grosskreutz said.

“By logically changing the assessment level of these duplexes council has makes it possible for developers to avoid the often lengthy and costly impact assessment process.

“This will not only reduce the development costs but speed up the delivery of this type of housing for Sunshine Coast home buyers.”

The change affects nine already approved duplex allotments in Stage 8 and brings their assessment level into line with duplexes in neighbouring stages of the Creekwood development.

The Creekwood Estate Duplex Dwelling Design Code ensures delivery of the same positive design outcomes in Stage 8 as the recently approved Master Plan for Stages 9 – 17 of the Creekwood Estate.

The process that has been used in this instance could be applied to other proposals for large scale master planned developments.