Doing business on the Sunshine Coast brings advantages
  • Friday 12 March 2010

More Sunshine Coast residents have been offered full-time employment with yet another local firm expanding its operations, and reaping the rewards of conducting business locally.

Information Technology service firm, Camelon IT announced today that another five staff have recently joined their team of 22 local residents following the acquisition of multinational client, Dell.

Economic Development and Council Entrepreneurship portfolio Chair Councillor Lew Brennan said the announcement was an example of how smart firms can prosper on the Sunshine Coast due to the region’s natural advantages – and more importantly, how diversification of the regional economy is taking place every day in a number of ways.

“Camelon IT’s objectives are directly aligned with the council’s Natural Advantages initiative,” Councillor Brennan said.

“The initiative is designed to help build a more sustainable community by promoting the growth of local firms such as Camelon IT and attracting more knowledge-based, environmental and technology businesses to the Sunshine Coast,” he said.

“Camelon IT has just created another five jobs outside the traditional retail, tourism and construction sectors; however the income staff earn will go to supporting those industries both today and into the future.”

“For a local firm to be a partner with multinationals like Dell, is a great achievement and should be congratulated."

“Perhaps we might now see some senior Dell executives looking to combine a holiday here with their next business visit to Camelon IT!”

Camelon IT Director, Myles McNamara considers being located on the Sunshine Coast a clever move for any business savvy professional.

“The Sunshine Coast embraces successful businesses… if you’re a smart business person, you’ll succeed on the coast,” Mr. McNamara said.

“With three offices across Queensland and possibly another two opening soon, we’re able to provide IT service for over 700kms of coastline,” he said.

“In the last two months we’ve been given all Dell’s work, had our contract extended with Woolworths for a further three years and have begun talks with Apple.

“These exciting opportunities have ignited the most recent round of recruitment and we believe you will see more in the future, as we seek to branch out into new areas, such as technology law.”

Myles McNamara said the new technology law arm of the business, to commence operation in July this year, would make them one of only three companies in Australia who provided this service.

“Camelon IT is evolving to keep pace with the changing nature of technology,”’ he said.

“People are becoming more tech savvy and with the social networking boom, pitfalls and traps, technology is becoming a legal minefield.”

“We’re lucky to be able to do this and still have the perfect lifestyle.

“The five year outlook for the Sunshine Coast is bright.

“It’s maturing and we’ll start to see greater diversity, less people out of work and overall a more exciting, sustainable future.”

The Natural Advantages initiative is designed to encourage more vibrant, green and diverse businesses to consider the Sunshine Coast home, and for those here now, to continue to grow and create employment for residents. Ultimately the initiative will help ensure the economic sustainability of the Sunshine Coast, helping transform it into Australia’s most sustainable region.

For more information on the Sunshine Coast Council’s Natural Advantages initiative, visit council's website or subscribe to council's business eNewsletter.