Eenie Creek Stage 3 opening delayed by rain
  • Thursday 06 November 2008

Sunshine Coast Council advises that the anticipated opening of Eenie Creek Stage 3 to motorists and commuters has been delayed by rain.

Following Mayor Bob Abbot’s commissioning of the Girraween Bridge on Monday it was hoped that the bridge would be opened to traffic on Friday 7 November following the installation of the bridge expansion joints.

Assets and Infrastructure Director (North), Alan Sheridan said this work has been proceeding but has been delayed by the Wednesday’s wet weather and the overcast weather today.

“Girraween Bridge cannot be opened to traffic until the bridge expansion joints are glued and bolted, and this cannot occur until the concrete is completely dry,” Mr Sheridan said.

“The glue has to set and cure before traffic can safely drive over the joints and we need some dry days to achieve that.

“Providing the weather clears by the end of the week we expect to complete the installation of bridge joints and open the road to traffic next week.”

Council thanks the motoring public awaiting the opening of the new bridge and road for their understanding and patience.