Every dog and cat has its day
  • Friday 17 October 2014

With Sunshine Coast Council giving the Domestic Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Strategy 2014-2020 the final tick of approval, the count down to the official community launch celebration is on.

Everyone and their dog – and cat – is invited to attend the launch event at Buderim Park, Syd Lingard Drive on Sunday, November 2 from 7.30-11.30am where beloved local ‘Agro’ will officially unveil the strategy.  Free microchipping will also be available for cats and dogs.

Community Programs Portfolio Councillor Jenny McKay said the Domestic Animal Management Strategy would act as a tool for promoting and enhancing responsible pet ownership practices, whilst informing the community about Council’s role and future priorities in animal management.

“The strategy endorses the vision of ‘your pet, your responsibility’, signifying that keeping a cat or dog is a considerable and often long-term commitment and responsibility – both socially and economically,” Cr McKay said.

“Responsible pet ownership involves more than caring for the health, welfare and safety of one’s cat or dog. Owners are responsible for ensuring their animal is well behaved, does not create a nuisance or endanger others.

“And in light of the increase in dog attacks we have seen recently, a focussed and consistent framework to guide animal management operations and improve responsible pet ownership practices is fundamental.

“The objectives of the strategy are to:

  • enhance education and awareness around responsible pet ownership and its benefits
  • ensure pets in the community are appropriately controlled and contained
  • improve the uptake of animal identification and reuniting of pets with their owners
  • provide services and infrastructure in line with population growth and animal trends.

“As well as containing important information and advice for cat and dog owners about their responsibilities, the publicly-available strategy includes a suite of actions for Council to deliver over the next six years to achieve the outlined objectives and vision.

“The areas of registration, microchipping, desexing and mitigating nuisance behaviours are identified as fundamental in advancing responsible pet ownership in the community and will be a priority focus area for Council.”

Cr McKay said the community launch event would officially kick- start the adoption, intent and implementation of the Domestic Animal Management Strategy and would be jam-packed with all things important for responsible owners and their pets.

“The fun-filled morning will feature free microchipping for cats and dogs, entertainment for people and animals, food stalls, pet food and accessory discounts, sample bags, animal training and much more,” she said.

“I am looking forward to joining Agro to officially launch the strategy and am also hoping we can make a responsible pet out of him. Be sure to come along on the day to see how we go.”

Throughout the event, dogs must be on-leash and cats must be in a cage at all times.

For further information and to view a copy of the new strategy, visit council’s website.