Fly In Fly Out lifestyle reflected in theatre production
  • Tuesday 05 May 2015
A scene from Fly In Fly Out at Nambour Civic Centre

A funny play which sheds light on how families and communities adapt to upheaval and change in a Queensland mining town will be screened at Council’s Nambour Civic Centre on Friday, June 5 at 7.30pm.

Fly In Fly Out is a gritty production about dealing with change and serving fried chicken.

The story revolves around Jenny – a 10th grade student who  lives in a small Queensland mining town and is struggling to balance school, her part-time jobs, her wayward sister, her relationships, and everyone else’s expectations. Her balancing act is thrown into chaos when the charismatic Seb flies into town and her world threatens to collapse around her.

The Fly In Fly Out production is perfect for all ages as it looks at how families and communities deal with upheaval and how we strive to adapt. The play is set in a Queensland mining town, but discusses universal themes through the prism of the mining boom and the influx of fly-in fly-out workers into the community.

The production has been developed in consultation with communities and young people throughout regional Queensland and begins the conversation about what communities can do to develop resilience in the face of change.

Tickets are $32 for SCvip Members, $36 for adults, $25 for young people 26 years and under and $16 for school groups. To book please call the venue on 5475 7755 or visit

The Nambour Civic Centre is located on the upper level of the Centenary Square complex, located at 52 – 64 Currie Street, Nambour. Parking is available via Mill Street across from the Coles Supermarket.