Futures Conference: Collaboration key to Coast’s success
  • Friday 07 November 2014

An opportunity to help plan for the region’s future has attracted high numbers of locals and key stakeholders to the fifth annual Sunshine Coast Futures Conference at the Innovation Centre today.

The conference brought together a mix of business leaders, academics and professionals.

Mayor Mark Jamieson, who spoke at the conference, said it was an opportunity for the community to learn about the challenges and opportunities of long-term planning, economic development and infrastructure investments in the region.

“It’s an exciting time for the Sunshine Coast, with several game-changing projects on the horizon – long-term planning and collaboration are essential for the success of these projects and for us to achieve a sustainable economy,” Mayor Jamieson said.

“This conference brings together community and industry leaders to provide insights which will help with implementation of the Regional Economic Development Strategy.

“The Futures Conference is a joint effort of Sunshine Coast Council and the University of the Sunshine Coast.”

The conference featured expert presenters and industry panels. Presenters included:

  • Sunshine Coast Economic Futures Board members David Foster and Andrew Pitcher
  • Sandy Zubrinich, Chair of the Sunshine Coast Business Council
  • Professor Ed Morrison, Centre for Regional Development Purdue University, US, who demonstrated how moving forward collaboratively is essential to advancing critical issues for our region. Professor Morrison focuses on how innovation can be guided strategically by enabling people to join communities, to open networks, and to access think and act collaboration methodologies.

Industry sector panels focused on:

  • business and investment
  • population and community
  • education and training
  • health and wellness.