Glenfields Estate to receive emergency fire exit
  • Thursday 09 December 2010

A new emergency access from Glenfields Estate in Mountain Creek will be located at Berrigans Place.

Sunshine Coast Council yesterday (Wed Dec 8) resolved not to build a second road through environmentally sensitive land, instead to provide access for residents to Sunshine Motorway in an emergency situation.

Division 6 Councillor Christian Dickson said there were numerous valid reasons for council not to further consider a road leading north-west to link with Karawatha Drive.

"The first was the environmental cost," he said.

"A road would not only traverse one of the most significant conservation areas adjoining Mountain Creek National Park, it would divide the land and breach an important wildlife corridor.

"The road, if built, would likely result in property resumptions at the Karawatha Drive end, as well as the requirement for at least two new intersections.

‘The overall cost could be up to $25 million," Cr Dickson said.

Council traffic studies also showed such a road, if built, would not carry much local vehicle movements – but could instead become a "rat-run" for non-local traffic.

The proposed Berrigan Place access will remain locked and inaccessible until required, access keys being held by emergency services and council staff, ensuring local residents are not unduly troubled.

Council is currently arranging a meeting with residents of Berrigan Place living adjacent to the proposed emergency exit point.

"We are also organising a mail-out to all Glenfields residents to advise them of this decision," Cr Dickson said.

"As mentioned at the last community meeting, it is no kept secret that the council does not support the link to Karawatha Drive.

"As previously offered, residents are very welcome to make comments on the report and I will seek responses to these in due course.

"I look forward to conducting the mail out and meeting with local residents to address the emergency access route."