Going Local Going Green
  • Monday 26 May 2008

Q: What do you get when you combine World Environment Day with Local Government Week in Noosa?

A: Councillors Russell Green and Lew Brennan giving counter service at the library, dishing out green cake

This year, World Environment Day and Local Government Week merge to produce Councillors Russell Green and Lew Brennan serving behind the Noosa Library counter, keen to hear your thoughts and to share green cake with you.

Being World Environment Day, the community will have the opportunity to obtain valuable advice and learn how to make changes in the household to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For instance, if you are keen to find out how to install a rainwater tank, you’ll get your answers here.

At 10:30AM, Cr Green will leave his post at the counter to join stalls in the foyer, cut a green cake and talk about Noosa ecoBiz – a community program aimed at improving the eco-efficiency of businesses within Noosa Biosphere area.

“Noosa ecoBiz builds on the State Government’s ecoBiz program, which is self-managed and self-guided,” explains Cr Green.

“Noosa Council implemented the program in 2006 and now both myself and Lew Brennan share the vision to extend it to the broader Sunshine Coast community”.

Noosa Library's Going Local Going Green is a great opportunity to talk to your local Councillors about environmental and other important issues.

“Often people feel that the problems of climate change are too big and ‘global’ to solve, however there's much that can be done at a local level, and this forum provides an accessible solution," explains Kerri Contini, Manager Library Services at Noosa Library.

So on 5 June, go local and go green. Visit the Noosa Library for a chat with your Divisions 11 and 12 Councillors, and a ‘slice’ of the action.

• Councillor counter service takes place 10AM-12PM,
5 June at Noosa Library
• Ecobiz talk with green cake: 10:30AM