Happy Mother’s Day Sunshine Coast mums
  • Thursday 05 May 2016

Sunshine Coast Council wishes a Happy Mother’s Day to the more than 79,000 mums on the Sunshine Coast – and a special congratulations to the estimated 1,300 women who are celebrating their first Mothers’ Day this year.

 A few stats to put things in perspective. In 2016, across the Sunshine Coast:

  • 35.6 years

Median age of all mothers

  • 28.6 years

Median age when a women has her first child

  • 50%

Proportion of mums who are over 35 years of age

  • 17%

Mums who are less than 24 years of age

  • 11%

Had their first child before they turned 20 years

  • 7%

Had their first child after the age of 35 years

  • 59%

Number of children under 15 years whose mum is working (37% mums working full time; 63% mums working part time).

 Source:  These statistics were drawn (in part) from Council’s Population Forecast website, which provides detailed information on the forecast population, age and dwellings of the Sunshine Coast. This tool, and other demographic and statistical tools, are available from Council’s website https://www.sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au/Experience-Sunshine-Coast/Statistics-and-Maps