Have your say on a home for noisy sports
  • Friday 24 April 2009

From Monday (27 April) council is inviting all sporting enthusiasts and the community to get involved and have their say on the Draft Sunshine Coast Noisy and Hard-to-Locate Sports Study.

The draft study aims to achieve a network of sustainable noisy and hard-to-locate sports precincts and venues that will cater for the growing needs of the Sunshine Coast community.

Noisy and hard-to-locate sports are activities that usually require large quantities of land and generate high levels of noise for extended periods of time—for example, motor or shooting sports—which means that they can not be located too close to residential communities.

Statutory and Regional Planning Portfolio Councillor, Russell Green said noisy sport venues have become constrained as the Sunshine Coast grows and that council is identifying solutions to balance the needs of the community with the environment.

“Urban and industry development has a higher land value than sport and as a result, noisy sport venues are being restricted or closed down,” Cr Green explained.

“The draft study responds to the growing issues and constraints surrounding these sports—ensuring the sports are still able to play their important role in our community.

The draft study and recommendations are a result of 18 months of research and consultation with the community.

Some of the recommendations include protecting and enhancing venues for senior motorcross and rifle shooting, and identifying new venues for a driver/rider education facility and model aeros.

“Some of the sports may be able to be clustered together into sporting precincts,” said Cr Green.

“However, there is the possibility that some sports may not be able to be located within the Sunshine Coast region, so council will be working with adjoining councils and contacting the state government to see where we can work together and achieve the best outcome for these activities.”

Council is now inviting the community to review the draft study and provide further feedback.

The recommendation to endorse the draft study and consult the community was approved by the Ordinary Meeting of Council on Thursday 23 April at Nambour.

A general community forum will be held to record community comments, suggestions, ideas or to discuss the Draft Sunshine Coast Noisy and Hard-to-Locate Sports Study. Visit www.sunshinecoast.qld.gov.au for more details.

Community comments and suggestions will be accepted until 5 pm, Monday 1 June 2009.